March 2 2019 - Seattle Sounders


Our first ever match away to Seattle Sounders.

Centurylink Field

March 2 - Kickoff at 7:00pm PST
Please arrive at stadium at 5:00pm PST

Travel Options
Flights -
Don’t drive.

Tickets and Supporter Section
Ticket Link
Note: Tickets may give you a seat but this section will be treated as GENERAL ADMISSION

Places to Stay
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Pregame Activities
We will be meeting at Pyramid Brewing starting from 2:00. We will be marching to the stadium at around 4:50, we have been asked to be at the stadium at 5:00, please do your best to get there by then. Please read the away days code of conduct

Please remember you are representing our city and our team, please be responsible and respectful (even with all that beer you’ll be drinking).

Helpful Links:
Stadium Policies

If you would like to bring a flag to the game, please reach out to an SG. Flags have to be pre-approved by the Seattle Sounders front office.


These details are all just suggestions, feel free to plan your trip however you feel!