The March

The march begins at Mecklenburg Gardens approximately 75 minutes before kickoff and takes the above route to the stadium. You are free to join the march at any point, we just ask that you don’t try to run to get closer to the front of the march. People trip and can cause problems when a few hundred people are walking on the sidewalk. We encourage everyone to wear orange and blue, carry flags for the club, city and our supporter groups. The march stops at the bearcat statue outside of 5/3 arena for a short break and a few songs. We then continue on the route shown above. Please keep these things in mind:

  • The March always starts an hour from kickoff at Mecklenburg Gardens unless communicated otherwise by the Supporters Groups social media.

  • Do not get in front of the drummers! They often can’t see and will hit you. This includes on the march itself and going into The Bailey.

  • No alcohol on The March. No exceptions. If someone is spotted with alcohol on The March, the police may shut down our march privileges (taking over the street). We like doing that, please don’t ruin it.

  • Stay on the sidewalks until you are instructed to do otherwise, we do not want anyone being struck by vehicles.

  • Don’t run. Please. We’ll all get into the stadium at the same time.

  • The Bailey Code of Conduct applies to the march, you can read about it here.

  • Have fun!