The Bailey Code of Conduct

Be Involved

The Bailey is a supporters section. That means wearing the teams colors, waving flags, songs and chants, and tifos. We do all of these things for the entirety of the match, by standing in The Bailey you acknowledge your view may be obstructed by flags, smoke, tifos, etc at any point during the game. If this is a problem, the FO may be able to assist in finding a more comfortable seat elsewhere in the stadium. We need all these things happening in order to create an intimidating atmosphere. You do not need to be involved in a supporters group to participate in The Bailey.

Help Each Other And Be Nice

There is no place for hate towards fans, players, staff, referees, etc in any capacity. Please do not throw objects onto the field, start fights or create altercations. Those who participate in these acts may be ejected from the stadium, subject to arrest, and possibly have ticket privileges revoked by the club.

Help each other out by encouraging people around you to be involved! Help people with chants, pass out flags and two poles, show people the ropes, make them want to come back. The only way to make our atmosphere better is to help each other out. Please respect the ushers and staff, they are there to ensure our safety. Do not bring any smoke device into the stadium, setting off said device will have you ejected from the stadium.

Join The March (No seriously, do it)

The march happens every match day starting roughly an hour before kickoff. You can find more details about the march route here. The march comes through the concourse roughly 20 minutes before kickoff, please feel free to join in, just file in behind the drummers. Do not push or run in front of other march members at any point in the march, this causes problems.

When the march is entering The Bailey please let the drummers go first. They cannot see what is in front of them and could injure you or themselves. Give them space to get their drums setup before crowding the middle of the section. Please do not try to run around them in the bleachers, we don’t want to see any broken bones (we have) from something so silly.

Have Fun

Seriously, just have fun. Come on you orange and blue.